Aiseesoft Screen Recorder v1.1.20 Full Version

By | 02/23/2017

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder v1.1.20 Full Version

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Full

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Full Version is a software that will help you to record video and audio in your computer screen. This program will be very useful for those who want to make a video tutorial. In addition you can also record a game using the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Full Version and save it in HD.

You can record a wide range of video and audio for playing on your computer or laptop, including online video and audio streaming. The quality of your recordings can also be saved in HD, this is one of the advantages of the application Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Full Version is when compared to other software screen recorder.

  • Record video with high quality
    The screen capture software helps record almost any digital video you want to save. You can use it to grab online videos, capture streaming videos and make video tutorials, etc. Before capturing, you can choose to record in full screen or in customized size. Also you can highlight the cursor movement to make your operation easier to track. With our “Blue-light” real-time HD video encoding technology, it will ensure you excellent image and sound quality.
  • Record online videos
    Any online video can be recorded by this screen recording software. Now you don’t have to wade through tons of search results for video downloading software.
  • Record game for sharing
    You can capture your success in game playing to share with friends, or improve your own playing skill by recording your competitors’.
  • Record webcam videos
    This Screen Recorder helps record and save your webcam videos on your computer. You can go over your Skype or TeamViewer chatting any time you like.
  • Make video tutorials
    It will record your operations on your PC. To make your video looks clearer and more professional, you can highlight your mouse cursor with customized size and color.
  • Record any audio
    Apart from videos, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can also record audio on your computer, including the system audio and microphone audio. You can decide to record the system voice or the microphone voice or both of them. Any audio files played on your computer, or voice received by the microphone on your computer can be recorded. This function enables you to record various music, radio or online audio instead of downloading them.
  • Record streaming audio
    Tried every possible means to download online radio but all failed? Don’t go into the dead-end road! Try a new way – record it. It will record the voice of streaming audio on your computer. The audio is captured from your soundcard, so the audio quality is as high as the original.
  • Record online audio
    Record the online audio while listening so you don’t have to purchase or download it. This audio grabber can save any online audio into your computer, including the songs in music video, voice in online teaching videos and other internet audio files.
  • Record microphone voice
    This will help you a lot if you want to add oral explanation to your video presentation, or dub a funny video, or record a video chat. Choose the microphone audio and turn off the system audio, you can add your own voice to any video you have.

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Aiseesoft Screen Recorder v1.1.20 Full Version

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Aiseesoft Screen Recorder v1.1.20 Full Version

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