Battery Doctor v5.53 Apk

By | 01/24/2017

Battery Doctor v5.53 Apk

Battery Doctor APK

Battery Doctor APK is an android application which will help you to save battery usage on yours android phone. The application will work automatically to conserve battery life by turning off the android useless task, adjust the brightness, and various other settings. Once you use this app Battery Doctor apk, surely you will feel a significant difference regarding the consumption of battery on your android.

Moreover, as we know, the smartphone is very wasteful to use the battery because a lot of tasks that is always running in the background even though we do not really need the performance of the app. Therefore Battery Doctor apk present to resolve the issue. Designed with a good level of artificial intelligence, make your android battery consumption can be preserved up to 50%. Battery Doctor apk app it will also display an interesting widget on the rest of your battery consumption and also suggestions to do so that your battery is more durable again.

  • And accurately predict remaining battery time: tells you in different situations, how long your battery will work (eg playing, or wifi on or off, …)
  • Special Charge: The program takes control of the situation so unique 3 stage charging your device and to ensure you get the most out of your battery and prevents an unnecessary extra charge. It also has a feature that examines and adjusts the power consumption is concerned. Your task killer widget calculates the power consumption and 1 × 4 widget energy consumption when working with wifi, data, brightness, … modify.

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Battery Doctor v5.53 Apk

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Battery Doctor v5.53 Apk

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