iDevice Manager

By | 03/23/2017

iDevice Manager

iDevice Manager

iDevice Manager is the application will help you to manage files on your iPhone device. Now you do not need to be confused again when you want to move the file or manage the files on your iPhone. Using this program you can easily manage all the files that are on the iPhone very easily. iDevice Manager program functions like windows explorer to your iPhone. So here you can add files to the iPhone, do a rename on the file or folder, save the file, delete the file, and various other activities.

Application iDevice Manager that we share here is freeware application. So you do not need a crack or patch for use it. Immediately download iDevice Manager is now.


  • File manager for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Create custom ringtones for iDevices
  • Synchronize SMS and Email from iPad
  • Includes a search engine to search iDevice
  • Use iPhone as external hard drive
  • Use iPad as external hard drive

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iDevice Manager

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iDevice Manager

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