LeapDroid Android Emulator v1.8.0.0

By | 01/16/2017

LeapDroid Android Emulator v1.8.0.0

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LeapDroid Android Emulator is the latest android emulator that has a very elegant and simple, making it easier for you to play games android and use android apps directly from your laptop or PC. Actually, we own has several times share the previous android emulator application where each android emulator has its own advantages and disadvantages. Well on this occasion we will share LeapDroid Android Emulator for free to friends freewinsoft all.

LeapDroid Android Emulator application is made with notice the flaws that still exist in the previous android emulator and improve performance and enhance the experience of using android on PC or laptop. LeapDroid Android Emulator supports almost 99% of applications and games that exist today. So you can easily play popular android games like clash of clans, clash royale, and a variety of games and applications popular today.

LeapDroid is already using KitKat android system that is very stable and supports lots of games and android app today. What are you waiting, soon you download and install LeapDroid Android Emulator this now.


  • Key mapper function is provided.
  • Works with your hardware mouse and keyboard for input purposes.
  • Positive experience with respect to moving around the interface, opening and using apps and games, the boot time etc.
  • Loading time is impressively faster as compared to other emulators.
  • Setups for pinch to zoom are available which enables you to play games like Clash of clans more comfortably.
  • 99% compatibility rate with apps and games as boasted by leapdroid.
  • Quick and smooth
  • Multi accounts support that is you can play the same game with different accounts.

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LeapDroid Android Emulator v1.8.0.0

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LeapDroid Android Emulator v1.8.0.0

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