Right Click Enhancer Pro v4.5.0 Full Version

By | 04/06/2017

Right Click Enhancer Pro v4.5.0 Full Version

Right Click Enhancer Pro

Right Click Enhancer Pro Full Keygen is software which you can use to add a menu on right click of your mouse. Right click on the mouse is one of the best alternatives to perform an action quickly. Now try to imagine when the right click function we can add and we reduce our liking! Well surely it will greatly help speed up our work, isn’t it?

Well by using Right Click Enhancer Pro Full, you can add your favorite games or applications into the right-click function. This will automatically shorten the time to open applications or games we want. In addition a wide range of functions you can also right click edit as yours like. One thing is for sure, the program Right Click Enhancer Pro do not affect the performance of your windows and not at all dangerous to our windows.


  • Add new and improved functionality to your right-click mouse button
  • Add applications, files, and folder shortcuts to your right click context menu
  • Create sub-menus to add even more items
  • Avoid the clutter of putting every single shortcut on your desktop
  • Access common file management tasks using your right-click button
  • Remove or Disable unwanted existing right-click menu entries
  • Add new folder shortcuts to send to sub menu to ease the copy operation
  • Add new file types to new menu to create new files easily

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Right Click Enhancer Pro v4.5.0 Full Version

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Right Click Enhancer Pro v4.5.0 Full Version

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