Stellarium v0.15.1.1

By | 01/04/2017

Stellarium v0.15.1.1


Stellarium is an application that will help you to see the state of the entire universe from a computer or your laptop with great detail. Now you can have a personal planetarium on your computer with 3-D shape from the universe that it can be done at this time. You can find various kinds of stars and other planets of the various galaxies that have been mapped to the application Stellarium of this.

For those of you who want to know how the state of the universe at the moment and might want to learn more about astronomy, then you should already have this Stellarium application. You can also make this Stellarium application as a fun learning materials. A wide variety of stars and galaxies can be found easily in this Stellarium software. Simply by specifying the coordinates of the point or look it up manually, then you will get a 3D picture from where you are headed.

Stellarium software is an open source and free applications. So you do not need crack or patch to use this cool software. Various kinds of features are also available to complete in this Stellarium application. This will allow you to learn the current state of the solar system.

Features Stellarium:

  • Browse more than 600,000 stars
  • Extra large catalog of more than 210 million stars
  • The brightness of stars and planetary systems as well as its astronomical position
  • Realistic view of the Milky Way
  • Real atmosphere or atmosphere, beautiful sunsets and sunrises
  • Planets and other satellite
  • Powerful zoom
  • Time Control
  • Record and review your views
  • Mobility in the ground by Mouse
  • View planets and other protrusions on the surface are quite real
  • Control by keyboard and control of the Telescope
  • The tropical and astronomical coordinates
  • Twinkle Stars
  • Throwing stars
  • Eclipse Eclipse
    Find landscapes, celestial sphere
  • English language support

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Stellarium v0.15.1.1 x86
Stellarium v0.15.1.1 x64

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Stellarium v0.15.1.1

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