Winstep Xtreme v16.9.1162 Full Version

By | 02/01/2017

Winstep Xtreme v16.9.1162 Full Version

Winstep Xtreme 16

Winstep Xtreme Full Version is a new software that will enhance the appearance your desktop PC. You can use this program for all types of windows, from the windows XP until Windows 10. Latest Winstep Xtreme is an application that will make your desktop becomes much cooler than usual by adding a custom tab that contains shortcuts critical applications with a variety of effects and forms which are interesting.

You are bored with the usual PC desktop display, even though you’ve tried to install various applications and change your desktop wallpaper but the display is still less than perfect. Then it’s time for you to immediately try to use Latest Winstep Xtreme that we share this time.

Features Winstep Xtreme:

  • Speed! Due to new and improved activation and hide delay timings, Nexus simply feels a lot more responsive.
  • Rendering performance when shifting icons in a fully expanded Shelf to make room for a new shortcut is now also an order of magnitude faster.
  • Improved Windows 10 integration.
  • Now fully high-DPI aware. Throw anything at it from 100% to 200% scaling and everything will still work and
  • look as it should. New settings added to control the scaling of menus and the Shelf on high DPI systems.
  • Added support for systems with multiple input languages: new ‘Language Bar’ internal command can be placed anywhere and emulates the functionality of the Windows language bar.
  • New optional Edge Swipe activation mechanism.
  • Shortcuts in the dock now double up as running application icons, so there is no duplication of icons when running applications are being displayed in the dock.
  • Shelf now smoothly resizes when double clicking a tab header to fully expand the Shelf in order to show all the contents of that tab at once.
  • Smooth transitions when moving, adding or removing NextSTART taskbar buttons.
  • Weather module now automatically retrieves the user’s location when running for the first time. Also added new ‘Get My Location’ button in the Weather settings panel.
  • New ‘Fly In’ menu animation as well as improvements to existing menu open animations.
  • New Smoke mouseover/launch/attention effect. Not too intrusive and makes the dock look like it’s on fire! My new personal favorite when combined with the magnify effect.
  • Added support for RKLauncher dock skins.
  • Added option to automatically hide (Fade out) WorkShelf’s desktop modules at startup.
  • New option to colorize themes based on the dominant color of the current desktop background.
  • Explosion animation shown when an item is deleted or removed is now user-customizable.
  • New optional Windows 10 style for some UI elements, specifically designed so the application blends in with the new Windows version. Automatically enabled on Windows 10 systems.
  • New ‘Most Used’ Shelf tab and menu types to display a list of your most used applications.
  • Added new ‘Action Center’ internal command (Windows 10 only).
  • Clicking the clock module or the clock button on the taskbar now shows the Windows calendar instead of the
  • Regional Settings dialog (Windows 7 onwards).
  • A size of the Quick Launch area in the NextSTART taskbar can now be automatically limited to a percentage of the available size.
  • Font size in the User Interface is now automatically decreased when a non-English language is selected to better accomodate the (usually) longer translations.

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Winstep Xtreme v16.9.1162 Full Version

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Winstep Xtreme v16.9.1162 Full Version

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