YUMI v2.0.4.9

By | 05/09/2017

YUMI v2.0.4.9

Yumi Boot

YUMI v2.0.4.9 is the latest version YUMI USB that will help you to create a multiboot which you can use to install windows, software, games, and Linux distros to your PC or laptop in an easy way. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with this application, maybe there are still many who think if Latest YUMI can only be used to install Linux. But in this latest version, you can also use this app Latest YUMI to install windows, antivirus, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and various other programs in one flash.

Latest YUMI uses syslinux to boot from an ISO file that you insert into the flash. This allows you to get the boot simple interface. You just choose to want to run the program you want when entering this syslinux interface.

Flash disk for multiboot created using this YUMI Multiboot, the data in it will be well-organized, so you will regularly flash space and frees up space to be filled with a variety of other software.

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YUMI v2.0.4.9

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YUMI v2.0.4.9

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