Zentimo xStorage Manager v1.9.7.1258 Full Version

By | 01/16/2017

Zentimo xStorage Manager v1.9.7.1258 Full Version

Zentimo xStorage Manager Full Version

Zentimo xStorage Manager Full Version is a software that will save you time when you work with an external drive such as flash or external hard disk with a variety of features that are embedded in it. Perhaps you have experienced trouble when going to eject the flash accompanied by a wide variety of error messages. Well, it can be resolved easily when you have an application Zentimo Full Version on your PC or laptop. This will certainly reduce the possibility of your flash to be damaged.

In addition to these features, the application Zentimo xStorage Manager Full Version is also already there are many features that will help you to perform to the maximum processing on an external drive. This app will show you in detail all the existing processes when USB is connected, then you can also re-eject the flash without having to unplug the flash in advance, and various other features which you can see below.

Features Zentimo xStorage Manager:

  • Fixing a drive for a specific tool
  • Avoid assigning a specific drive to a hot-plug tool
  • Ability to assign specific programs to run on time, after connecting instruments before separation tool, the tool stops after separating the instrument and …
  • Determining the general settings or settings for each tool
  • Ensure complete safety when removing the tool
  • The ability to stop SATA drives
  • The correct test drive speed
  • Save and Restore application settings
  • Autorun option to close the automated processes
  • Contains a button to stop once and for all devices that you see on the menu
  • Store and retrieve application settings; in this version, you can save all settings to a file and restore them if necessary with a few clicks; this feature is useful when you want to repeat a program on another computer or decided to reinstall your operating system in mind
  • Hide icon Systray; by enabling this option in the menu is not available when the drive stalled, secret Systray icon and then enter a drive, Systray icon will appear again
  • View the pause menu while there is no device has been stopped (by hotkey Win + S)
  • Includes a set of tool icons, improved icons old and new icons added with great variety of colors and models for flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives and …

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Zentimo xStorage Manager v1.9.7.1258 Full Version

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Zentimo xStorage Manager v1.9.7.1258 Full Version

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