Zorin OS 12 Ultimate 64 Bit

By | 02/15/2017

Zorin OS 12 Ultimate 64 Bit

Zorin Os 12 Ultimate 64 Bit

Zorin Os 12 Ultimate 64 Bit is a Linux operating system the most stable at this time and thus has a very elegant look in its class. Perhaps there are many who are not familiar with Linux OS because most people today use Windows on their PC or laptop. But for some people, they prefer to install Linux on their PC, because the OS is actually shared free by the developer himself. For Linux applications themselves are also share free of charge, so we do not have to worry anymore with the license application and the OS that we install to the PC.

Well for those of you fans of Linux, this time admin share Zorin OS is released some time ago. You surely the Linux users are already familiar with the OS on this one. Well in Zorin OS has added a wide range of improvement in individual parts such as increased security, appearance, speed, and stability of the OS itself. What are you waiting, for those of you who try to use Linux please immediately download Zorin OS 12 Ultimate ISO free.

System Requirements

  • CPU : 1 GHz Single Core
  • RAM : 1.5 GB
  • Storage : 10 GB (Core)
  • Display : 800 × 600 resolution

Download Link

Zorin Os 12 Ultimate 64 Bit

Direct Link ( Full Speed Download)
Zorin OS 12 Ultimate 64 Bit

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